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April 27, 2012

These days many people are concerned about junk food addiction and various ailments associated with the consumption of unhealthful foodstuffs that contain lots of fat, sugar and chemical additives.

With a business model founded on the idea of introducing wholesome foodstuffs, SDC FOOD specializes in all natural snacks, biscuits, cookies and cereals for health-conscious consumers in Korea and overseas markets.

Using high-quality natural ingredients, the Korean company provides various cookies that are safe to eat and delicious snacks to kids and adults alike under the brand name of “I-Yes-Mom.”

Most of the items are made using locally produced premium ingredients, including organic grains, organic sugar, natural dairy, natural oils and fruits. In 2009 the Korean company obtained organic certification for its products using safe agricultural materials and applying strict quality control.

Healthy as the cookies are, they also feature the tastes and flavors of various natural ingredients, being highly appreciated for their quality, healthy products and reasonable prices. Those organic snacks are being exported to the United States, China and Japan as well.


Organic Banana SnackOrganic Banana Snack
This is the organic banana cookie based on food safety as well as nutritional value for children. This product is made by adding organic sugar and banana to the organic rice and corn. The product is made as a stick-type for children to easily hold and eat it. Children love it for its tender sweet taste and banana aroma.




Organic Strawberry SnackOrganic Strawberry Snack
This is a healthy cookie for children that brings a refreshing taste of organic strawberry. The organic raw strawberry, not a strawberry paste, is juiced to deliver a tender and sweet taste using organic sugar and rice syrup.




Woori I- Good Sweet PotatoWoori I- Good Sweet Potato
This cookie with a sweet potato taste is made with locally grown violet sweet potato and organically cultivated local wheat. Also, this product is made by toasting the main ingredient on salt, instead of frying in oil, and sprayed with high-quality brown rice oil from Korea.




Organic Sweet Vegetables CerealOrganic Sweet Vegetables Cereal
This vegetable cereal contains three different types of organic cereal with different shapes and colors–star-shaped (pink: strawberry taste), ball-shaped (violet: black rice and nuts), and ring-shaped (yellow: sweet pumpkin and onion) offering visual delight to kids. This organic cereal can even be eaten as a meal.




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