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June 16, 2012

Digital Pulsewave Anlayzer


The DPA is a tool used to measures a pulse waveform produced by the beating heart displayed on the monitor. As patients rest comfortably, an arterial pulse sensor is placed on the finger.

The data captured by the DPA during a test is analyzed and reported within just minutes to provide a clear, concise evaluation tool for healthcare professionals.

Pulse wave velocity has been used very widely as an index for the aortic elasticity and overall CV status. As people get older, it tends to be faster with less reflex waves and less streaming back to the heart.

DPA can successfully detect and profile a patient’s overall CV status and blood circulation and arterial stiffness in particular based on the knowledge that pulse wave can deliver a lot of meaningful information about CV status.

And in order to get pulse wave, the DPA uses Photo-Plethymography, which is that if we shed light on small arteries, HbO2 in the fingertip can absorb the infrared light.

This device then is able to analyze a lot of signals coming off pulse waves using state-of-the-art digital processing techniques. This portable, lightweight and user-friendly device provides valuable data.

It provides comprehensive statistical summaries that are easy to interpret with graphic and tabular reports, whereby it accurately captures and stores patient information for easy retrieval. It also strengthens research efforts by validating and documenting therapeutic effects.

Meridian Co., Ltd. acquired international certifications such as FDA, CE, CEMDD and HEALTH CANADA, exporting the USA, Europe and the Middle East.




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