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June 16, 2012

AQUA TOUCHAquaTouch provides the best combination of microdermabrasion and electroporation for needle-free meso therapy.

Featuring the non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skinspecific solutions, it allows patients to see visible results in improvement of acne-prone skin & puffy eyes, demodex removal and reduction of hyperpigmentation.

AquaTouch also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate dry skin as well as revitalize sundamaged skin without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures.

In addition, AquaTouch does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

The AquaToch uses a closed loop vacuum system to exfoliate and apply topicals onto the skin.

When its handpiece tip is brought in contact with the treatment area, the vacuum source gently pulls the tissue being treated through the hole in the tip and into contact with the abrasive, diamond-encrusted treatment head.

As the handpiece in drawn across the skin, this abrasive surface exfoliates the tissue applies a topical dermaceutical, and vacuums away the residuals into a sealed waste jar.

Electrophoresis transfers the actives ingredients applied to the deeper layers using galvanic current. This allows performing mesotherapy without needles, enabling the realization of multiple treatments.

With certifications such as ISO13485 and KGMP, the product is being exported to Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe.




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