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June 16, 2012


ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof is an unbelievably light-weight roofing system that can lend an enhanced look to your roof with its elegant unique design and a wide color range.

Stone Coated Steel Roof is designed and manufactured to withstand all kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, and heavy rain.

Stone Coated Steel Roof can protect your home against all the destructive forces of nature because the roofing tiles are designed to overlap and interlock into a horizontal fix system.

The fastenings of this horizontal fix system are done at right angles, thus, creating a roof structure of superior strength that is strong enough to resist hurricane force wind, heavy snowfall, and earthquakes.

The granulated stone chips on the surface give beauty and additional weather protection to your roof. Stone Coated Steel Roof is a product that can enhance the style of any home or commercial building, and give it a lasting beautiful look.

Lightweight:ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof is wide, which means that every tile covers a large area. It is lightweight; only about one sixth weight of the traditional clay or cement tile. It means that users can save considerable amounts of money on extra structural support and transportation.

Re-roofing: ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof can bring a new look to your home if you are unsatisfied with your existing roof. It is designed to be easily installed most existing roofs.

Easy Handling: ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof can be cut, bent, and shaped to meet the most demanding roof design from as low as a 12-degree pitch to a 90-degree angle pitch.

Excellent Color and design: ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof has a great selection of colors to choose from which will suit each and every customer’s color preference. And, its distinctive design will meet any kind of architectural structures beautifully. The colors and design blend in perfect harmony to give a natural and dazzling look to the roof.

Outstanding Durability: ROSER Stone-Coated Steel Roof is designed and manufactured to withstand most severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind, and heavy rain. The core strength is Galvalume steel (Al- Zn Alloy) which provides long term corrosion resistance.

On both sides of this core an additional corrosive resistant coating is applied respectively for enhanced durability. The stone chips are imbedded onto a durable basecoat to provide enhanced protection and beauty.




Roser Co., Ltd. achieved “Korean World-Class Product Award in 2011,” which was given to the Korean companies with top 5 market share in the world in the relevant field as recognition for its quality by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea.

The company was registered to ISO 9001, the quality management system standard to meet rapidly changing demand of the markets.

The company also complies with ICC (International Code Council) KS (Korea’s quality standard), UL (the USA), CE(Europe), BBA, ICC-ES, ESR-1763, etc.




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