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June 17, 2012

Solar power turtle ship

Academy Plastic Model Co., Ltd. has produced plastic model kits and toys for 43 years since it was establishedin 1969.

Currently, the Korean company focuses on manufacturing character toys and educational kits that enable users to learn about the real structure of the toys by building and operating model toys.

Academy has come up with a wide range of products, including educational kits, R/C cars and boats which can inspire the general public’s interest and attention.

By means of continued investment in technological development, Academy did not miss one time to be awarded the prestigious prize “Modell des Jahres” ever since 1989.

Academy is also recognized for its wide range of know-how of product design and production capacity, while being proud to be ranked top-5 exporter in the world market under its trademark “ACADEMY.”




Flagship Products

Davinci Machines Series: This is a reproduced retractable cannon designed by Leonardo Da Vinci

Alternative Energy Series: Users can gain insights about how natural energy (Solar energy or Wind power and etc.) is converted into kinetic energy by kit.

Craft Series: This provides understanding of a craft kit and users can accomplish a sense of accomplishment after creating.




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