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June 17, 2012

Headphone&Earphone Accessory

Established in 1985, Cresyn is the Korea’s largest earphone and headphone manufacturer with sales revenues of over US$258 million as of 2010 and 190 employees in Korea and 15,300 employees worldwide.

And, the corporation has a monthly production capacity of 26,000,000 pcs of finished products and 40,000,000 pcs of receiver unit, respectively.

Currently, Cresyn’s main business consists of its own brand business which the company sells under the brand name of CRESYN and PHIATON, ODM & OEM business and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service), working with global companies such as Apple, Samsung, RIM and Motorola.

The company’s headset for mobile phone market share accounts for 70% in Korea and 15% overseas, while the market share for its earphones and headphones reaches 30% in the global markets.

The No.1 supplier of audio & communication accessory in the nation distinguishes itself as the world’s leading supplier with further focus on innovation, quality and competitiveness through customer value creation.

Cresyn encourages the spirit of self-development for its employees and enhances environmental and social responsibility across its global manufacturing operations.




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• Cresyn Co., Ltd.
8-22, Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)2041-2700 Fax: (82-2)2041-2786
Website: cresyn.com

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