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July 27, 2012

Citron teaCitron is a fragrant citrus fruit, and it is traditionally used in Korea to make health beverages in winter and spring, when fluctuating temperatures make the body susceptible to colds, as the fruit’s yellow-colored pulp has a sour taste and has a rich fragrance and abundant nutrients.

Actually, a citron has ten times more calcium (49mg/100g) than an apple or a banana, and 20 times more vitamin C than an apple. Therefore, citrons are effective for helping prevent people from developing osteoporosis.


It also contains plentiful vitamin B and carotene as well as Hesperidin, which is effective in making capillaries function better. Besides, the citrons contain 4% of citric acid giving them their characteristic sharp flavor, which is also effective in countering fatigue and increasing the body’s production of saliva and digestive fluids.

Ottogi Samhwa Foods with a 30-year experience is one of the leading citron tea makers in Korea. It has manufactured the sweet-and-sour citron teas in its fully automated facilities, which comply with high standards of safety and hygiene since 1983.

The citron tea maker uses the highest-quality citrons that all grow in Goheung, one of the major citron production areas in Korea with optimal natural conditions for growing quality citrons.

The Ottogi Samhwa citron tea is made with minced citrons mixed with honey or oligosaccharide. To minimize the citron’s characteristic flavor and original nutrients, the company also employs its own technical know-how such as the flash pasteurization and water-based cooling system.

There are two types of packages: 1kg and 500g.




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