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August 3, 2012



Esfron is a phosphorus flame retardant yarn that is safe for both human beings and the environment. As the polymer used in modified at molecular size, the flame retardant property of Esfron is inherent in the fiber and cannot be removed by repeated washing.

The self fire-extinguishing properties of Esfron prevent spreading of fire by blocking oxygen and heat of combustion during the burning.

This phosphorus flame retardant yarn has a great market potential at a time when the developed countries move to regulate the use of halogen flame retardant chemicals.

Woongjin Chemical produces flame-retardant chemicals and flame-retardant fabrics with totally vertical production, ensuring that the flame-retardant products of Woongjin Chemical are reliable.


– Interior: Carpets, Mats, Interior fabric for cars, Car seats
– Bedding: Cushions, Stuffing
– Garment: Baby wear, Children’s night wear, Work wear
– Industrial: Partition Felt, Air filter, Wall paper etc.


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