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August 28, 2013


201308_eBite2 Corp., founded in 1993, invented the first dental water system in the world.

The company focuses on developing and producing dental equipment including its portable oral lighting system, the “eBite series” and dental water systems.

Dentozone’s intraoral dental lighting system “eBite2” provides optimal treatment conditions for a dentist by effectively illuminating the inside of a patient’s mouth with its highquality LED and securing space for treatment with retractor function at the same time.

With a tongue cover, it also allows the dentist to easily carry out a medical examination without concern about a medical accident. It runs without external power supply, so that a dentist can use it when electric dental lighting is not available.

The high-end model provides a real-time suction function as well. The equipment is compatible with computer USB ports. Autoclave sterilization is possible.


– Tongue cover to protect a tongue against medical accidents
– Tongue retraction function to secure space for treatment
– By using its blue LED, dentist can inspect dental plaque with the naked eye.
– Main export markets: the USA, Japan, EU
– China, Russia, and Brazil: markets that the company wants to expand
– Certifications: KGMP registration, CE / FDA / ISO13485 / ISO9001 acquisition
– As the world’s only product, it acquired international PCT and six Korean patent registrations.

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