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August 28, 2013


201308_Patient Monitor_Defibrillator one of the fast-growing medical equipment companies in Korea, MEDIANA is engaged in developing and producing advanced medical devices such as patient monitor, AED, Defibrillator, pulse oximeter through consistent R&D endeavors, while spurring on tapping overseas markets.

Furthermore, MEDIANA is aiming to be a global company by providing best solutions for customers around the world through constant technological innovation and diversified product lineup.

Main Products: Patient monitor, Vital sign monitor, Electro cardiograph AED-automated external defibrillator, Fetal monitor/Doppler, Pulse oximeter

MEDIANA’s patient monitor / D500 Manual Defibrillator

MEDIANA’s patient monitor / D500 Manual Defibrillator , is used to deliver electric shock therapy to resuscitate victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

It is one of the most essential devices in places which frequently perform defibrillation like EMS hospitals. It helps medical professionals to accurately assess a patient’s condition for better and quick treatment.

Besides, it has various functions such as advanced biphasic technology, 12 Lead Glasgow Algorithm ECG, AED Mode, Pacing and stores a lot of data with dual battery and data management program.

International Certificates: CE, ISO, KFDA approval

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