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August 28, 2013


201308_Portable Butane Gas Cartridge


http://korean-products.com/inquiryTAEYANG Corporation, the largest butane gas cartridge manufacturer in the world, was established in 1989, equipped with advanced facilities covering everything from printing to gas charging and packing, TAEYANG Corporation has been exporting its gas cartridges to more than 50 countries under its brand name.

The company now dominates around 60% of global market share as well as 70% of domestic market share as of 2012.

– Main Business Area and Products: Portable Butane Gas Cartridge, Lighter Gas, Camping Gas Cartridge, Aerosol Products

Sun Fuel is flagship portable butane gas cartridge that can be used for portable gas stoves and torches.

It is customized to clients’ needs with the best quality. – 220g, 227g, 250g Alps Bombe is camping gas cartridge for camping and mountain climbing, etc. The unique dome type camping canisters are ideally designed for space-saving, stable setting purposes.

The excellent evaporability and high thermal efficiency suits for the alpine cook purpose. – 110g, 230g, 450g Sun Lighter Gas is premium butane gas refill gas cartridge with the same rugged reliability.

Sun Lighter Gas is very well known for its purity. You can experience the best performance of your lighter with ultra refined premium butane gas. – 135g, 165g

– Main export markets: Japan, the USA, Taiwan, Australia
– Certifications: PPM (Korea), JIA (Japan), UL (the USA), TUV (Germany), π mark (EU)

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