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August 28, 2013


201308_Super-frozen Tuna products Industries is the leader of the Korean fishing industry, and a fisheries distributor boasting world-class expertise. Since it was founded in 1969 to develop sea resources for humankind, it has led the development of the Korean fishing industry, and even becoming a leader in the global deep sea fishery industry.

The fisheries division of Dongwon Industries is developing fishing grounds around the globe in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Antarctic oceans for its vessels to operate in.

We have made inroads into FSM Pohnpei, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, the Solomons and Seychelles as well as Senegal S.C.A.SA, realizing the dream of becoming a global leading company developing food resources for the world.

The quality and competitiveness of the Distribution HQ of Dongwon Industries are recognized around the world for tuna sashimi processing and distribution of marine products. We process tuna caught by the Dongwon fleet with modern sanitary facilities, distribute it domestically and export it to the world.

We are also taking the lead in the global sourcing, processing and distribution of various marine products, including salmon.

The tuna that Dongwon catch are quick-frozen at an ultra-low temperature then processed either in its low-temperature processing room for sashimi, or lightly baked depending on kinds and parts of tuna.

* Main export markets: Japan, the USA and Europe
* Certifications: ISO9001 . HACCP and EU certified for safety and sanitation, meets all SQF . BRC international food safety standards.

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