Dental Endodontic EMS-200 for Dental Clinic

Dental Endodontic EMS-200 for Dental Clinic Meta Biomed Co., Ltd. More then 20 years experiences in Dental endodontic, EMS-200 are launched.

① Apex Locator
– Accuracy  - Apex Setting 0.0 or 0.5  - Works with Endo motor together

② Endo Motor
– Apex Stop / Auto reverse  - Clock wise – Count clock wise(reciprocatio filing)  - Work with Apex locator

③ Bracket
– Mounted at Uni-chair side (model: BI)  - Cart type (model: EMS-200)  - Basic type (model: C)

④ Heating Plugger
– Gutta cutter: Set temp. 300 degree  - Down Pack: Set Temp. 140 or 200  - 360 all around working button

⑤ Gutta Back Fill
– Gutta melting device  - Disposable Gutta cartridge  - Temper. 120, 140, 160, and 200 degree


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