Cosmeceutical Brand “Dr. Nu:ell”

[INQ. NO. 1504C37] Skin reproduction research company, Apharm has been trying to put its best effort into helping the health improvement and beauty of customers by providing safe and qualified products at reasonable prices. It assists not only the normal customers but also the customers who need professional care, such as pregnant women, infants, patients with skin disease, along with the medical science, not just general cosmetics. Its representative cosmeceutical brand, Dr. Nu:ell features a lotion, a toner, a moisturizing cream, an ample, an essence, a BB cream, a bubble cleanser, a sun block and a mask pack.


Dr.-Nuell Dr. Nu:ell Water Full Moisturizing Cream: Double moistening function with sodium hyaluronate with the moisture abruption and squalane, which prevents the evaporation of moisture, makes skin moistened for a long time without tightness. Irritation tests and 24-hour moisture maintenance tests have been completed.

Dr. Nu:ell Vanishing BB Cream banishes skin problems, including blemishes, stretched pores, dull skin tone, etc. The skin can be protected with three functions – make-up function, wrinkle care & whitening and blocking ultraviolet rays. Nonirritant test is completed. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods