Butane Cartridge & Portable Gas Stove

Maxsun Co., Ltd is founded in 1993 and we are manufacturing butane gas cartridge packages and filling butane gas. We make a constant effort to achieve company ideas which is customer value creation through technical innovation. Accordingly, Maxsun Co., Ltd. is recognized as the best butane can maker with high technical skills and quality in butane can manufacture field since its founding.

Butane-Cartridge-&-Portable-Gas-Stove http://korean-products.com/inquiry Butane gas canister which improves convenience in life has been designated as having dangers from misuse. Maxsun has been doing research and development activity for a long time to supply safe portable butane gas canister. CRV can structure prevents explosion by releasing gas from 12 Rim Vents equipped on the top of the can when butane gas canister can’t resist high pressure and is about to explode.

Portable Gas burner
When you make food, go mounting, camping, outside activities, etc., you can use Maxsun gas stove. The Maxsun gas stoves and butane gas cartridges are used in over 50 countries.
They are very economical and convenient now. Maxsun Gas stove maintains a steady strong heating power from the beginning to the end.

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