Fire-Resistant Safes & Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets

Since its founding in 1971, BOOIL SAFES has provied high-quality Fire Resistant Safes, Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet, Anti-Burglary & Fire Resistant Safes, Hotel Safes & Steel Safes, which are made from own plant utilizing the state of the art technology and equipment, exporting to around 80 countries. The company will continue to build a reputation for satisfying customer’s expectations by delivering the best solution to protect your property from burglaries and fires.

BOOIL’s Fire Resistant Safes were certified by KS(Korea), JIS(Japan), UL(U.S.A), SP(Sweden), SINTEF(Norway), GOST(Russia), CE(Europe), ISO9001(U.LK) and Korean World-class Product Award(the Korean government), assuring clients of its high quality both at home and abroad.

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