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October 30, 2015

ScienceMedic Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in Orthopedics Surgery Instruments in Korea and we supply the products with passion. The company has various products including over 600 kinds of Surgical Saw Blades, Medical battery type of handpieces (Unit Drill, Oscillating Saw, and Multi-Handpiece that can be attached Drill, Reamer, Wire & Pin and Saw), Micro Saw and Pulse Cleaners.

Our manufacturing products, Medical Handpieces and Saw Blades, are certifi ed with ISO13485 and CE authentication and we are exporting to more than 10 countries on a continuous basis.

Battery-Power-Handpiece,-Saw-Blade We are developing new items in surgery every year under the cooperation of our Government and we promise to do our best to develop new technology and satisfy our customers’ needs.

Saw Blades have a sharp edge which are used for cutting bone by vibrating horizontally. There are Linvatec, Stryker, Aesculap, Synthes, Desoutter and etc. and we could manufacture all spec that customers want. It is very competitive for the price and we are supplying over 60% of local market.

Battery Power Handpiece is used for drilling, reaming and pinning a bone and there are drill, reamer, wire, pin and saw attachments for the Multi Handpiece can be assembled & disassembled easily. It is ergonomic design, strong power, durability and also cheap in price. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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