High Frequency Ventilator

https://korean-products.com/inquiry The MV2000 SU:M3 has a special feature High Frequency Ventilator. This intelligent HFV mode can support not only an infant and neonate patient, but adult patients, too. Also, it is effective in treatment for patients of pneumothorax of interstitial lung, pneumonia, refractory hypoxemia, sepsis, suffocation, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and chronic obstructive disease (COPD). The HFV technology of the MEKICS product will provide an outstanding ventilation solution that assures a combination of: low maintenance cost, ease of use, multiple function, and clinical benefits.

High-Frequency-Ventilator Mode:
Spont, Apnea Backup, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV,
O2 Stream, tBiLevel, PRVC, AutoVent, HFV(SHFV,DHFV)

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