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http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805C43] Founded in 1992, Insung Information Co., Ltd. is Korea’s leading professional company providing total solutions essential for network integration (NI) and industrial informatization. Its business area consists mainly of three parts: IT Solutions, Infrastructure, and Services.
Among the services the company provides, the healthcare business has a lineup ranging from healthcare devices to solution services, and smart living medical devices that combine IT high-tech and medical services.
Insung Information provides a home monitoring remote monitoring system that can easily measure and monitor health at home in connection with a medical institution, and a solution that can be used in mobile environments. Recently, the company has launched DeepSkin S, a home aesthetic skin care product and export-related products and services to the Korean and overseas markets.
DeepSkin S is a beauty product that uses iontophoresis technology to ionize the nutrients contained in the mask sheet to effectively penetrate the skin. By connecting the mask sheet directly to the instrument and operating for 15 minutes, the user can feel the effects such as skin regeneration, moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle improvement through its excellent penetration.
The iontophoresis has long been a technology used in the medical field and is one of the drug delivery systems known as an injection without a needle. The clinical test result on the device’s performance showed an 8.6 times increase in permeation rate with 26% wrinkle improvement of and 17% whitening effect without addictiveness and side effects.
In addition, the company has acquired certifications including KC (Korea), CE (Europe), UL, and FCC (USA) as a beauty device, and holds many patents such as Pulse-type micro-current control technology to minimize skin damage.
In particular, DeepSkin S is time- and cost-effective for it allows a highly specialized skin care treatment available at home.
It is distributed through various channels such as online shopping malls, duty-free shops, and skin care shops and exported to China, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, etc.

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