Seasoned Seaweed & Seafood Products

Seasoned Seaweed & Seafood Products[INQ. NO. 1807C20] Sunhaesim seaweed snack with cumin is made of Korean seaweed and cumin, an Asian spice. Containing taurine and vitamins B1 B2 and abundant minerals, Korean seaweed has been proven to be effective in cancer prevention and suppression, alcohol degradation, and inhibition of aging and obesity. Cumin is known to have anti-cancer effects, helps digestion, and relieves inflammation and skin diseases.
This new product is a seaweed cookies snack using Asian spices and Korean seaweed, satisfying the tastes of global consumers. Now, we have also developed the “rice noodle flavored herb seaweed snack” using rice noodle soup and herbs.
In 28 years of producing seaweed snacks, the company recreates seaweed’s natural taste in its seafood products DYSSKOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing Korean seafood products such as seasoned seaweed snacks, noris, wakames, and roasted seaweeds. Since its establishment in 1989, DYSSKOREA has been producing seasoned seaweed and seafood products for the past 28 years and obtained HACCP certifications in 2015. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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