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August 7, 2018 Int’l Organic & Natural Trade Fair showcases products like the renowned trade fair organized by the Korea Organic Farming Association (KOFA), a leading association reputed for conducting similar successful shows in the recent past. Numerous pavilions containing Organic and Natural Products and various seminars will certainly increase the overall recognition of this trade event in the Organic & Natural industry.
The 17th Int’l Organic & Natural Trade Fair for Korea 2018 will provide opportunities for visitors to understand more about the latest organic farming trends. Through this show, domestic organic products will be highlighted once more, as well as helping Korea’s agriculture and farming industries become competitive in the global market.

There is a fast growing interest in environmentally friendly agriculture and organic farming due to public concerns about Westernized eating habits and environmental pollution. Also, these changes of perspective are leading the food, processed food, and cosmetic industries to further development.
In order to meet the needs of consumers in the domestic and overseas well-being markets, a variety of events will be held during the same period including Halal Trade Expo Korea 2018, Seoul Fermented Food & Culture Show / Gluten Free Expo 2018 Seoul Fermented Culture Exhibition, Return Farm & Edutainment Expo 2018, Dessert & Snack Pavilion 2018. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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