Handmade Korea Fair 2015

Handmade Korea Fair 2015 is due to run for four days from July 23 to 26 in COEX in Seoul. Marking the 5th edition this year, the fair will take place with a larger scale than previous years, being attended by about 500 companies and artists from 12 countries where about 20,000 artworks and a variety of hand-made items will be displayed.

Handmade-Korea-Fair-2015Handmade Korea Fair is a cultural festival for artists and the public, which has been held at COEX, Seoul since 2011 based on concept of “real open art fair.” The fair has unlimited boundaries, allowing anyone who is engaged in creating and designing something by hand to participate. The fair seeks to provide an opportunity for artists to develop commercial products and explore sales channels, and for the public to see and experience artworks and have easy access to artistic products, while applying pieces of artwork to their daily lives.

Under the main theme of “Hand-made Life,” one of the most important goals of this year’s event is to expand the base for the hand-made business in Korea where many people tend to associate the hand-made products with fashion accessories or small living items. With this goal in mind, the organizers are planning to present much more diverse items covering from life style items to hand-made foodstuffs. Visitors will be able to see and experience much wider range of products at the newly added furniture zone, pet & baby zone, living zone, home-made food zone and fashion zone in the upcoming show. Handmade Korea Fair 2015 also provides various events including fashion shows, performances, seminars, and so on.


• Handmade Korea Fair 2015
Period: July 23 -26, 2015 (4 days)
Venue: COEX Hall B
E-mail: hmk@handmadekorea.co.kr
Homepage: http://www.handmadekorea.co.kr

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The 29th International Health Industry Exhibition

Changes in the recognition of a healthy life have led continuous development of health-related industry around the world. In addition, the growing needs of consumers for healing to return to the nature of healthy beyond eating and living well has been established a new culture of health. It means domestic and foreign companies and people related in the health industry need to exchange information continuously.

The-29th-International-Health-Industry-Exhibition Since Health EXPO initiated in 1987, it has continued growth by identifying new areas for exhibition and reflecting health trend at every expo for the past 28 years. Health EXPO 2015 which will take place for a three-day run from April 23 through 25 at Coex will give a valuable opportunity for visitors to get hints about the latest trends of the Korean healthrelated industry and work as a new business platform for companies as well.

Exhibit Items
– Health Functional Food
– Health / Fitness Products
– Home Medical Equipment (Infrared light therapy / Physical therapy equipment / Ion therapy, etc.)
– Equipment related to beauty and health (Skincare equipment / Massager / Other health related equipment, etc.)

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COEX – Major Exhibitions in 2015

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COEX – Convention and Exhibition Center

COEX and World Trade Center Seoul launch C-Festival,
showcasing fusion of creative culture into MICE industry

Attracting 3 million to Korea’s newest creative culture festival makes Coex and World Trade Center a must-visit landmark in Seoul

coexC-Festival will take place at World Trade Centre Seoul Complex from April 30th to May 10th, 2015. While celebrating the launch of Coex’s MICE Cluster initiative, C-Festival is positioned as Korea’s creative culture festival with dozens of mixed culture events. Multiple exhibitions, grand sales, K-Pop concerts, and more are expected to draw up to 3 million domestic and overseas visitors to the exhibition center and surrounding area in Gangnam, Seoul.

Timed perfectly over major holidays in Asia, including Japanese Golden Week (May 1st – 6th), Chinese Workers’ Week (May 1st – 5th), International Workers’ Day (May 1st) and Korean Tourism Week (May 1st – 11th), C-Festival is expected to generate tour packages and special incentives for overseas guests. The festival is composed of four core programs, namely ASIAMANIA!, Creative U, Culture-Tech, and Music & Multimedia Showcase.

coex_1 The key exhibition of the fair, ASIAMANIA! will see participation from culture, tourism, and entertainment organizations across Korea, China, Russia, Japan and other Asian countries. ASIAMANIA! will take place at Coex Hall A from April 30th to May 3rd. The fair aims to provide fun and interactive space for Asia’s iconic brands, traditions, and products, while including culture experiences, food tasting, cosmetics, arts and crafts, fashion, and travel information from a variety of Asian countries.

coex_2 Russia has been selected as the Official Guest Country, with a dedicated pavilion offering a wealth of information and exclusive hands-on activities. Russia’s participation in ASIAMANIA! coincides with the 2014-2015 official Korea-

Russia ‘Mutual Visit Year,’ with visa exemptions and other incentives encouraging travel between the two nations.

Meanwhile, Creative U is a creative exhibition platform for art and design, featuring both well-known and up-and-coming artists and designers. Culture Tech shows the convergence of culture and technology by showcasing items relevant to the Korean Wave and technology goods. Music & Multimedia Showcase on the other hand provides the platform for highlighting Korean music and media.

Coex introduced cultural festivities with the Seoul Winter Festival from Dec 11th to 31th, 2014. K-Pop performances, art installations, Santa Claus photo zone and Christmas craft zone, magic show, busking performance, SBS Awards Festival for singers, entertainers and actors plus much more are some of the activities kicking off C-Festival in 2014. For more information about C Festival and its diverse events, visit the website http://www.c-festival.com or contact the Coex Overseas Sales & Marketing Team at overseas@coex.co.kr.

Upcoming event at Coex in 2015 March: Automation World

Korea’s leading factory automation trade show, Automation World, will once again bring together two leading industry exhibitions when it takes place at Coex, Seoul, on March 18th-20th, 2015. These two shows are the 26th Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition (AIMEX) and the 4th annual Korean Vision Show. In 2014, over 20,000 industry professionals attended Automation World, including over 348 overseas buyers. The exhibition was spread across 844 booths by 280 exhibitors, including 24 from overseas. Building on an 80% satisfaction rate, the 2015 Biz-Matching program allows exhibitors to share expertise with qualified distributors for expansion of their businesses.

coex_3 In 2015, Automation World is set to be bigger and better than ever, with major exhibitors including Fuji Electric, Rockwell, National Instruments, Autonics, and many other leaders of the market. This is also the first year for the Korean conference “Industry 4.0”. This conference allows exhibitors and visitors to effectively research the latest trends in the Korean automation industry. All buyers and visitors to Automation World 2015 can receive free admission by registering online at the Automation World official website: http://www.automationworld.biz.


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Coffee Expo 2014

Coffee Expo 2014
Coffee Expo Seoul aims at bringing together the entire coffee and coffee related product industry together under one roof – in the hub of South Korea’s booming coffee business, Seoul.

In fact, Korea’s coffee industry has doubled over the past five years, seeing an explosion in both import and consumption and catapulting Korea to its place as 11th largest coffee market in the world. Against this backdrop, the Coffee Expo Seoul has something to offer for everyone interested or working in the coffee and beverage industry. Attracting more than 30,000 visitors and buyers, and over 100 exhibitors from all over the world upon its launch in 2012, and increasing significantly in size in 2013, Coffee Expo Seoul is a place for coffee lovers to gather and taste, experience, explore, and talk about coffee.

Coffee ExpoExhibitor Product profile Premium Coffees & Teas:
varieties of global coffee beans and tea leaves

Coffee Ingredients: milks, creams and related dairy products, sugars, syrups and sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, chicory, cinnamon and other spices, honeys, spirits, and more.

Machinery & Equipment: coffee machines, drink dispensers, mugs and glasses, washers, ice makers and crushers Gourmet Food: baked goods, breads, pizzas, cakes, biscuits, creams and ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, sweetened fruits, milk and other dairy products, wines

Franchise & Shop supplies: cutlery, tableware, interior decoration and consultations on store design.

• Coffee Expo 2014
Period: April 10- 13, 2014, (4 days)
Venue: Coex
Contact: (Tel) 82-2-6000-1121 (Fax) 82-2-6000-1319
(E-mail) coffee.info@coex.co.kr

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KOBA 2014

KOBA 2014
The convergence of the digital and broadcasting/sound/lighting industries is expanding into the integral industry covering diverse fields ranging from mobile, IT, medical, film, game, tourism and animation to education, drawing keen attention as a future growth engine.

For this reason, industry, academy and R&D are jointly striving to expand the size of the domestic market and are figuring out new ways to raise their profile in the global market as well.

Against this backdrop, KOBA 2014, which is going to be held from May 20 to 23 at Coex in Seoul, Korea, will be the right platform for the Korean and intentional broadcasting, audio and ighting equipment industry.

The upcoming KOBA 2014 will be bigger in scale than any of the previous years, with the participation of a total of 850 companies from 35 countries in the venue of a total of 26,701 square meters of COEX Hall A, C, D, including 170 Korean companies, as well as those from the U.S.A., Germany, the UK, Japan, China, Taiwan, France and other countries, featuring cutting-edge nextgeneration broadcasting service, video, sound technologies and equipment. And about 50,000 people are expected to visit, exhibition organizers said.

The KOBA show will be concurrently held with International Broadcasting Conference, KOBA World Forum and Audio Seminars and HAF 2014(Headphone & Personal Audio Festival).

• KOBA 2014
Period: May 20- 23, 2014 (4 days)
Venue: COEX ( A, C, D Hall and Conference)
Contact: (Tel)82-2-551-0102 (Fax)82-2-551-0103
(Homepage) http://www.kobashow.com

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Major Exhibitions & Trade Shows in 2014_4

Period Exhibition Tel Venue Website E-mail
7.3 – 7.6
MegaShow 2014
7.16 – 7.20
Seoul Character & Licensing Fair
7.10 – 7.13
Handmade Korea Fair 2014
8.14 – 8.17
9.2 – 9.4

Recycling, Waste Management, Waste-to-Energy Technology Exhibition

(82-2) 599-1557
9.3 – 9.5
Preview in SEOUL 2014 (Seoul International Textile Fair)
9.25 – 9.28
K-Shop Fair 2014
9.25 – 9.28
Seoul Gift Show 2014
9.25 – 9.29
Korea International Art Fair
10.2 – 10.5
Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair 2014
10.2 – 10.5
Daegu Kyunghyang Housing Fair
10.8 – 10.10
Daegu Fashion Fair 2014
10.8 – 10.10
International Smart Home • Building Show 2014
11.6 – 11.9
The 9th Korea Crafts Culture Expo
11.5 – 11.8
The 22nd Korea Int’l Sign & Design Show
11.7 – 11.9
International Beauty Expo Korea 2014
11.12 – 11.15
Food Week Korea
11.20 – 11.23
13th Seoul Int’l Cafe Show
11.26 – 11.30
Seoul Design Festival 2014
12.11 – 12.14
Home • table deco fair 2014

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Major Exhibitions & Trade Shows in 2014_3

Period Exhibition Tel Venue Website E-mail
3.5 – 3.7
The 19th Korea Int’l Textile Machinery Exhibition (KORTEX 2014)

(82-53) 601-5223/5236

3.13 – 3.16
2014 KIMES
3.20 – 3.23
2014 Korea Golf Show
3.20 – 3.22
World Electronics Brand Show
3.26 – 3.30
Seoul Living Design Fair
3.26 – 3.30
Jewelry Fair Korea
3.27 ~ 3.30
Running Expo & Festival 2014
4.2 ~ 4.4
Int’l Green Energy Expo & Conference 2014
4.10 – 4.12
Franchise Seoul
4.10 – 4.13
2014 Coffee Expo Seoul
4.16 ~ 4.18
Daegu Int’l Optical Show DIOPS 2014
(82-53)350-7830, 7832
4.17 – 4.20
2014 Photo & Imaging
4.25 – 4.27
Seoul Int’l Cosmetics Beauty Expo
5.2 ~ 5.6
5.13 – 5.16
5.23 ~ 5.25
Daegu Beauty Expo 2014
5.29 – 5.31
6.4 – 6.7
(82-2)6000-8000, 8888
6.12 – 6.15
6.20 ~ 6.22
2014 MediExpo

*Note: The above schedules are subject to change. For more information, please visit the websites of COEX (www.coex.co.kr), KINTEX (www.kintex.com)

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Food Week Korea 2014

Food Week
Food Week Korea 2014 is an event that brings the entire food industry together under one roof. Since 2006, Food Week has combined eight food shows into one major fair where representatives from every sector of the food industry can gather to discuss industry trends and forge business relationships in one dynamic, convenient location. With over 90,000 visitors each year, Food Week Korea is now the most popular food show in Korea.

More than 600 exhibitors from 29 countries participated in Food Week Korea 2013, an event that featured more than 1,500 booths and welcomed about 70,000 visitors from all over the world. Food Week Korea provides a business matching program free of charge for qualified buyers and exhibitors. Participating buyers are from wholesale distributors, retail distributors, purchasing departments of hotels and restaurants, food service industry trading companies, and more.

Exhibitors will be selected from amongst all of the participants at Food Week. Attendees will see the return of events from last year’s show, including the food forum, food industry seminars and educational sessions, all of which enhance the value of show attendance. Celebratory events will also include an on-site Food Recital performed by some of the world’s finest and most famous domestic and international chefs.

• Food Week Korea 2014
– Period: November 12 ~ 15, 2014
– Venue: COEX Halls A ~ D (occupying 36,000sqm)
– E-mail: foodweek.info@coex.co.kr
– Contact: (Tel) 82-2- 6000-8138
(Fax) 82-2-6944-8304

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COSMOBEAUTYCOSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2014 is a comprehensive industry exhibition which composed of five themes of exhibitions – cosmetics; aesthetic & nail; hair salon; raw materials & pack and Spa & natural health – at one place.

COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2014 will run from April 25 to 27 in COEX in Seoul. More than 500 booths are set up during the upcoming event, featuring a variety of beauty care items. The 21st edition of COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL, founded in 1987, represents Korean cosmetics & beauty industry and is the most renowned exhibition of its kind in terms of size and history of exhibition
organizing history.

The purpose of the exhibition is to ensure quality, excellence and the latest technological development of the market. The show is a skillful blend of beauty, business, education and trends and the most important networking platform for leaders of the beauty industry in the region. Professional cosmetic?beauty buyers such as distribution buyers, researchers, developers, individual manufacturing companies, and salon managers participate in the exhibition for their business development and the growth of cosmetic? beauty market in Korea.

Exhibit Category
– Cosmetics / – Aesthetic & Nail / – Hair Salon / – Raw Materials & Pack / – Spa & Natural Health

– Period: April 25~27, 2014 (3 days)
– Venue: COEX (A, B Hall)
– Homepage: http://www.cosmobeautyseoul.com
– E-mail: info@cosmobeautyseoul.com
– Contact: (Tel) 82-2-761-2512
(Fax) 82-2-761-2517

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