Innovative Multi-tabs

Conventional electric multi-tabs are generally placed under a desk or behind a TV to hide the plug, causing a difficulty in inserting the plug into the outlet and it is inconvenient to reach the power butt on.
IDBAR is equipped with a triangular design and can match very well with various styles of interior. In addition, its oblique outlet minimizes dust formation and allows for safe use when water or drinks are spilled on it. Coming in four colors ‒ White, Dark Gray, Light Wood, and Dark Wood ‒ it can be installed according to the condition of the space.
IDBAR is sold in department stores, large-scale retailers, and design related stores as well as various online stores.

Established in 2015, IDTOO, Inc. specializes in industrial design consulting. Its first product IDBAR, launched in 2017, has won the IF Design Award 2016, one of the top design awards in the world. IDTOO is preparing export products by applying different types of outlets for export and plans to release new design products in the near future. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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