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Melamine Kitchenware | Korean Products

Eader Melamineware is a kitchenware brand consisting of products in a great variety of sizes and shapes such as classic and fusion style cups, spoons, dishes, bowls, plates, and pots for homes, restaurants, and buffet. Its designs and patterns include white, marble, black pottery, wood, calm flower, a jade green pattern with antique style added on patented wood or bamboo resin.

It has obtained various patents, design registrations, and certifications including ISO and passed the tests conducted by Consumer Testing Laboratories.
Founded in 2012, Eader Melamine Co., Ltd. is a leading cookware manufacturer in Korea. Its melamine appliance products are designed for healthy cooking and to manage a kitchen efficiently. Eader Melamine seeks to produce innovative, functional and top-quality products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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