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June 18, 2019

INHYUNJIN is a premium anti-aging brand which solves moisture loss, dullness and sagging skin thanks to the specially designed ‘fast-absorbing formulation’ with the patented active ingredient complex, Yurisu.
SAROMAE is an Oriental skin science program for various skin types: moisturizing, brightening, and hydrating ‒ restoring skin health by applying a skin matching system.
LI SIL is a purifying and intensifying skincare brand formulated by using hypo-allergenic natural ingredients.

SAIMDANG COSMETICS has developed unique & specialized cosmetic brands covering the entire range of skin care Saimdang provides a wide range of cosmetic brands designed using skin science with segmented targets, price and effects.
Since its founding in 1995, Saimdang Cosmetics has continuously advanced to become one of the best in the cosmetic industry. Based on Oriental medicine, Saimdang Cosmetics introduced a new concept of beauty and unique technology that helps women to achieve their dream of healthy and beautiful skin.
Saimdang Cosmetics is steadily growing in major Korean cosmetic markets with its commitment to R&D endeavors and natural ingredients as shown by the following track record: Issued 45 treatises, obtained 52 patents, and registered 58 new ingredients on ICID | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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