Natural Soap

[INQ. NO. 1907C28] Premium Rafarophesoap is made from a unique soap base saponificated with natural fatty acids, shea butter and cocoa butter by using self-developed extracts, added with complex sulfur and patentable functional materials.

Having no chemical surfactant or glycerin Premium Rafarophesoap contains 3 to 4 percent natural essential oils branded by aromatherapy experts and a patent substance compound sulfur with concentration of over 3,000 times compared to sulfur spring, as well as 4% aromatherapy and 88.7% far infrared rays to provide triple therapy effect to the skin.

Premium Rafarophesoap is made by using the RR (RafaRophe) method with functional raw material through an exclusive biofeedback extraction system instead of purified water generally used for soap saponification.
RafaRophe is an R&D-oriented company that intensively focuses on natural materials, running its own laboratories and manufacturing factories to extract raw materials, further enhancing product differentiation, and incorporating the entire process technology. In particular, the company adopts an exclusive extraction device – bio-vacuum low-temperature circulation type pressureless extractor – in order to thoroughly extract fragrance ingredients and essential oil ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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