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August 30, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1908C10] SOMIDAM Desert Rose is a skincare product brand made of Adenium Obesum leaf extract that has strong vitality by efficiently maintaining and storing the moisture even in the hot and dry environment of deserts. The product is composed of four ingredients including desert roses moisture mask pack, desert roses moisture toner, desert roses moisture emulsion, and desert roses moisture mist — all of which are products with dual functions for whitening and wrinkle improvement. They provide moisture to dry, sensitive skin and contain the ingredients of EWG Green Grade, representing safe ingredients. If you use the products step-by-step,

you can obtain quicker effects. Desert Roses Moisture Mask Pack is a highly concentrated clear essence formulation and it calms sensitive skin. Desert Roses Moisture Toner is a viscous water-type product, and it provides moisture deep into the skin to provide it with vitality. Desert Roses Moisture Emulsion, having a diluted cream formulation, is a high moisture emulsion that fills the skin with nutrients and elasticity. Desert Roses Moisture Mist is a moisturizing mist that makes dry skin moist from the moment that it is sprayed on the skin. Bukang Cosmetic Co., Ltd. a cosmetic manufacturer established in 2008, produces and sells various products such as cosmetic raw materials and finished products of cosmetics, functional soaps, etc. Its products manufactured under strict control in its own factory equipped with the latest CGMP facilities guarantee superior quality. In order to satisfy customers’ needs, the company offers various prescriptions through continuous research and development in its affiliated research institute. Featuring highest quality for price, its products are also available for OEM and ODM in small quantity. Meanwhile, in order to positively respond to the rapidly changing environment of domestic and overseas cosmetic market, the company has aggressively tried to tap into new markets including the United States, China, the Philippines and Thailand, thereby successfully entering the global market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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