Natural Cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 2006C17] The premium mask pack and Bebe Calin, a hypoallergenic skincare product, as well as Reine, a wild ginseng skincare treatment were developed out of a combination of clean water, pesticide-free plant materials, and fermentation technology. These naturalistic fermented cosmetics have been exported to the United States, Japan, Vietnam, China, and Russia, winning the hearts of global consumers.
UNIQUEMI 100-Day Natural Fermentation Face Mask is a natural fermentation-based mask pack that contains a combination of five

skin-distressing solutions by using a patented fermentation technology to maximize absorption. It uses pesticide-free plants grown directly on Jeju Island, a clean area of South Korea as raw material, which obtained a patent for fermentation technology that enhances skin absorption by infiltrating the small active ingredients into the skin during fermentation.
Consisting of five items including Brightening, Purifying, Tightening, Hydrating, and Protecting, UNIQUEMI 100-Day Natural Fermentation Face Mask received JEJU COSMETIC CERT in Korea, food safety certifications in Japan and China, FDA approval, and EAC in Russia, as well as winning the 2019 Global Standard Managment Award.

UNIQUEMI Sunscreen with Wild Ginseng & Kids Sunscreen with Cica for Sensitive Skin is a product that can be applied without making hands sticky and can be applied even on top of makeup.
It consists of a Big Sun Cushion containing wild ginseng that is effective for skin lifting, and Kids Sun Cushion containing CICA that helps soothe normal and sensitive skin. Currently, it is in the process of obtaining FDA-OTC certification. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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