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November 24, 2022[INQ. NO. 2211C95] CREMORLAB Antioxidant Soothing Mistletoe Essence is an antioxidant essence made with hot spring water infused with the vitality of mistletoe that reinforces and richly moisturizes the skin.

Containing no distilled water, the product is made using only three different types of hot spring water materials (hot spring water, hot spring water liposome, and mistletoe extracts extracted from hot spring water at low temperature). The hot spring minerals enriched with the aforementioned materials give the skin a healthy boost and the product is safe for use as well, as it contains 10 different components without anything added just for a nice scent or texture.



CREMORLAB Mineral Regeneration Moisturizing Cream is a skin-refining moisture cream that protects the skin with moisture that lasts for a long time and restores the skin to a condition where one would think the user had a good night’s sleep.

Using hot spring water instead of purified water, it contains amino acids found only in baby skin, mineral activator that strengthens the minerals in hot spring water, beta-glucan, a moisturizing ingredient derived from mushrooms, and Placel-8, which strengthens elasticity, restores skin, improves the skin barrier, and enhances moisturization, while strengthening the skin from deep within.



As a product that can also improve wrinkles, regular use can lead to measurable improvements in skin’s firmness and can keep the skin soft and smooth.

CREMORLAB Skin Renewal Cream has completed clinical trials for improving damaged skin, improving dermis density, reducing redness, enhancing skin moisture, testing for sensitive skin irritation, and normalizing skin after IPL treatment. Provided in a glass container and FSC-certified paper packaging, it seeks to contribute to the sustainability of nature. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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