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August 23, 2023 Device
[INQ. NO. 2308C13] Muilli, a portable skin and scalp diagnostic device, can be synced with mobile or tablet apps, enabling users to easily diagnose and analyze their skin and scalp health anytime, anywhere. Built on the analysis of over 136,000 skin data points collected globally, Muilli provides high-accuracy diagnostics and insights.




Custom Cosmetics
Enima is a flexible small-scale production facility for customized cosmetics. Based on the analysis results from Muilli, Enima can produce tailor-made skincare products on the spot.



Capable of storing up to 40 raw materials, Enima meticulously measures and combines these ingredients to produce a unique product for each consumer in less than 4 minutes. The variety of possible formulations is immense, reaching approximately 25,000.

While other customized cosmetics companies rely on surveys or smartphone camera analysis to recommend off-the-shelf products or produce them in factories for later delivery, Lillycover goes a step further. By combining the precise diagnostic capabilities of Muilli with the quick customization of Enima, Lillycover offers a one-stop solution for bespoke skincare.



Founded in 2016, Lillycover Co., Ltd., is a beauty tech company utilizing IoT and BT technologies, which has launched an innovative three-pronged approach in the form of portable skin and scalp diagnostic device Muilli, the customized cosmetics flexible manufacturing system Enima, and their customized cosmetic brand BALANX.

They aspire to enable customers to achieve healthy skin through personalized skincare, recognizing that everyone has unique skin, just as they have unique fingerprints.
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