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Drilling Equipment and Tools

As a company specialized in manufacturing of drilling equipment and tools, Chang Shin International exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world. For potentially emerging overseas markets of this year, Chang Shin International

Hot Water Production Equipment

INKOBIO is a company producing and selling emulsifier, which contributes to solution of the environmental and energy issues beginning with “Green Energy Plant ELUS,” which is a plant for energy saving and eco-friendly energy.
All kinds of boilers on the market at present produce hot water using the fuel (oil, gas or electric energy). However, INKOBIO’s

Aluminium Profiles

Wonjin Aluminum Co., Ltd. is focusing on aluminum windows, railings and solar systems. Established on October 12, 1987, Wonjin Aluminum Co., Ltd. has celebrated its 32nd anniversary this year.
At first, the company specialized in the field related to aluminum compression, but is now focusing on

Precision Press Molds

Since its establishment in 1994, Korea Precision Co., Ltd. has specialized in making precision press molds, and based on its belief that technology is competitiveness, has trained all employees as the best technicians in the industry. Equipped with the

Facilities used in Cement Plants, Steel Mills and Forge Shops

Kolyu Precision, established in 2002, is an enterprise manufacturing and repairing the facilities used in cement plants, steel-making mills and forge shops. Kolyu Precision manufacture support rollers, polycom rollers, hammer crushers, front walls, roller bodies, etc., which are the facilities for pulverization of limestone and production of cement products. Products are made to order and can also be repaired. Kolyu Precision provide products and repair

Packing Machines

Glo-Lee Vinci Corporation is specialized in packing machines and PVC wrap film. Started its business in 1996, Glo- Lee Vinci has until now been exporting them to overseas market more than

Scissors & Saws

Since its founding in 1983, HWASHIN METAL IND. CO.,LTD. has manufactured various types of cutting tools from multi-purpose scissors, pruners to garden shears, lopping shears and horticultural flower thinning shears. It has grown steadily in

Grooved End Swing Check Valve with UL,FM

Model SCV, RCV grooved end swing check valves are compact and rugged swing-type units that allow water to flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. This valve can be installed horizontally or vertically with the flow in the upward direction as well.
When the pressure at the 1st entrance is higher than the

Wafer Style Butterfly Valve with UL, FM

By coating the disc with EPDM rubber (elastic body), the restitutive power of this wafer style butterfly valve (HPBO-W1) between the valve’s body and rubber helps to maintain air tightness. A disc rotates 90 degrees to control the fluid in motion, maintaining high responsiveness under operations with low friction loss and low torque.
Fast operation is possible thanks to simplified opening/closing processes. This valve is applicable to control

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

TAE SUNG Co. is a leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the local region since 1980. Tae Sung is specialized in the production of high quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods and more.
Tae Sung produces diamond products