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August 3, 2012


Established as Cheil Synthetics Inc in 1972, Woongjin Chemical has led the domestic synthetic fiber industry. In particular, Woongjin Chemical has concentrated on high value-added fiber materials with the comprehensive production system which connects the fiber business to the textile business.

ISCRA-S is an eco-friendly elastic fiber made by using Woongjin Chemical’s PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and DuPont’s corn-based sorona.

The combination of those special materials and the nature of the spring structure provide superior elastic restorability, comfortable stretch and excellent recovery.

In addition, it offers a cool and pleasant feeling by swiftly absorbing and drying sweat thanks to the snowman-shaped deformed structure of a section/2-channel.

It also provides outstanding durability and chemical resistance, compared with spandex, whereas it features a greater dyeing property than the standard polyester.

Meeting the EOKO-TEX standard, Woongjin Chemical mainly exports the elastic fiber to the USA and Latin America


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