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October 5, 2012


The EcophycoTech mainly focuses on Human and Nature. Its name is a combination word of eco as a nature, phy as a microalgae, and tech as a technology. The company is established to prepare a better life environment for the next generations and contribute to the development of the society through studying environment with the microalgae which is sensitive to environmental change and industrializing the microalgae by applying environmental engineering and biotechnology.


Item Description
– Marina Deeplus
: Deep Sea Water and Chlorella Drink
– Chlorella & Natural Sulfur Sleeping Pack
: The ultracell of Chlorella applied by nano-technology
– Chlorella & Aroma Handmade Natural Soap
: Chlorella`s chlorophylls and minerals used for smooth and lively skin, and nutrition supply



• EcophycoTech. Ltd.
#311 Institute of Industrial Technology, Yeungnam University, Dea-dong, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, Korea
Tel: (82-53)813-0725
Fax: (82-53)813-0726

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